Midnight Run
By Lady Luck
Mar 5, 2004 - 1:36:00 AM

MIDNIGHT RUN is a hot and spicy tale of a woman fighting for her place in life.  Claire Parks is ready to live after years of fighting and finally beating back leukemia.  She convinces a coworker to take her to the hottest nightclub in town.  It is a well-deserved title as everything from sex to drugs happens on the dance floor.  Fortunately for Claire, a protector steps in when one of the dance floor trolls refuses to leave her alone.

Bud Morrison has been watching the "Princess" all night, trying to figure out what she was doing in this hellhole known as a nightclub.  He has been casing the joint as part of a police undercover operation, and he has seen the friend Princess came in with leave every night with a different guy than the one she had just been in the bathroom with.  Why on earth would a girl like Princess come to a place like this with a friend like that?  When a jerk starts bothering the Princess, Bud figures it's time to step in and save her from herself. 

A weekend of some of the hottest sex I've read in a long time soon ensues.  I really enjoyed this book because Claire is such a strong character.  She may appear physically weak, but she's got a core of steel.  The clashes between her and Bud provide for very entertaining reading.   

MIDNIGHT RUN is the sequel to Ms. Rice's MIDNIGHT MAN, and I highly recommend reading both of them.

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