Midnight Showcase Fall Season Romance Digest Vol 05-03 Hearth Fires
By Shayla
Nov 15, 2005 - 8:43:00 AM

K. B Ross


Bethany is on the rise at the company she works for. She doesn’t want to get married nor does she want children. Bethany is dreading the day when John will ask her to marry him. It comes sooner than she thinks, but before he is able to ask her, John is in an accident and is near deaths door. Bethany promises to do anything it takes to make John better again, even if it means giving up her aspirations. Can Bethany keep her promise?

THE PROMISE leaves you thinking twice about going back on promises, and helps to see that you can have your cake, and eat it too.




SPELLBOUND AT MIDNIGHT-- Isabelle Kane and Audrey Tremaine


Viole Godin is hired to restore an old mansion by Marie Verret. Both of Marie’s grandsons come to the meeting, Lucien is willing to do what his grandmother wants and Charles wants her to sell the land. Viole is invited to a Halloween party at the mansion while she is there she finds out about ancestors she never knew she had. Charles wants to stop Viole from doing her job, and stop Lucien from helping her. Can they be saved? 


SPELLBOUND AT MIDNIGHT is the perfect story for Halloween. It has a ghost, and the most spine tingling secrets.


OUT ON A LIMB-- Marguerite Turnley


Blake is afraid of heights, but what can he do when his cat, Slinky, gets herself caught in a tree?  He contemplates climbing the ladder but just can’t make himself do it. His sexy neighbor, Elvina, comes along, and offers to climb the tree, and rescue the cat for him. Elvina doesn’t like climbing trees any more than Blake, but she does what she has to. When the ladder breaks, Blake is there to catch Elvina, only to have his arm break in the process. Can these two come together to conquer their fears? 


OUT ON A LIMB is a sweet romance. Slinky is one determined cat. I think she did all the climbing on purpose.



VEIL OF MAGIC--Amanda McIntyre



Sabrina gets talked into going to a costume party raising money for a little league team, never knowing that her sister has set her up. Men are auctioned off, one whom Sabrina comes to know as the man she karate dropped to the floor at a haunted house. Reese knows Sabrina was the one who injured his arm. He wants to get her back for hurting him. Reese along with his sister, and Sabrina’s sister, sets everything up so that she is the one who wins him. She has to take care of him for a week. Do these two make it through the week?


VEIL OF MAGIC is another fairytale come true. Who wouldn’t want to go to a costume party where hunky bachelors being auctioned off is the main item on the menu, all of it for a good cause, that is.


ALL I WANT--Jennifer D. Bokal


Sarah and Jake’s love life is fizzling, every time they try to do something about it they are interrupted, either by their children or other family members. Jake wants to be dominated by Sarah but she is too tired to comply. Can these two ever put the spark back into their love life? 


This story had me laughing out loud. The antics of the kids and all the interruptions were so true to life.


HEARTH FIRES is a wonderful buffet of stories. Each story is perfect in its own way. There’s something for everyone in this book. This collection of stories is the perfect reading material when sitting in front of a fireplace or snuggled under blankets in bed.


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