Midnight Showcase Romance Digest Vol. 05-02 Sweet Romance Collection
By Shayla
Oct 1, 2005 - 1:05:00 PM

GREEK DASISES - Kristy McCaffery

Kelsey Adams is in the Greek Isles to relax, and paint. She meets her sexy neighbor, who has been the inspiration for her paintings. Jack Stone is also in the Greek Isles to relax, and write. They both come to know each other when there is a mix up in their mail. A burglar scares Kelsey, and Jack is there to protect her, he notices her paintings resemble him. His techno thrillers have taken an erotic turn. What occurs when their vacations are over, and both head to their own lives? Can a simple vacation romance turn into more?

Kristy McCaffrey brought to life, every woman's dream to fall in love with some tall, dark and handsome man while on vacation. Every one will enjoy GREEK DAISIES.

PROMISES - Kristy McCaffery

Maddie Schultz is spending her time on Grand Cayman Island , diving and studying coral reefs. She meets Cam O'Neal when she tries to rent a boat for the day. He finally gives in, and gives her more than she ever dreamed about. She has a secret, but is afraid to tell Cam , so she leaves without saying good-bye, assuming he wants nothing more than a vacation romance. What happens when Cam finds her?

This story left me breathless, by the time I was finished I had tears in my eyes. Another wonderful novel that everyone will enjoy, from the talented author Kristy McCaffrey.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS - Marguerite Turnley

Vanessa's husband runs off with her friend Janice, leaving Vanessa alone with two babies. One is Vanessa's and the other is Janice's. When Janice's ex-husband shows up to claim what is rightfully his, can Vanessa do what is right for the child and still keep her heart?

Steve finds his son, and finds the woman of his dreams. Can he convince her to move in with him? What happens when Janice and Vanessa's husband Max shows up?

UNFINISHED BUSINESS is an excellent story of how two families come together to help each other out for the better. My favorite part was when Steve finally realized that he couldn't live without Vanessa.

NEXT DOOR TO HEAVEN - Marguerite Turnley

Lucy is receiving anonymous love letters and at times flowers. She is desperate to know who writes them, but he keeps evading her attempts to find out. She will never know unless she opens her eyes and heart and sees what is right next door.

Marguerite Turnley's NEXT DOOR TO HEAVEN is a heart-warming novel of secret longing, and secret admirers. This is a sweet romance that will leave you dreaming of a secret admirer of your very own. 


David caters a party and afterwards the lady of the house makes the moves on him, what is any red-blooded young man going to do?  He later he finds out that she is actually his girlfriend's mother. What happens when Katie finds out what he did, and will she ever forgive him?

This was the biggest mistake any man could make. But to me the mother knew what she was doing, and wanted to keep him away from her daughter.

ONE DROP - K.B. Ross

Becky is secretly in love with her boss's son, even though he never seems to notice her. She is persuaded to go to a company Halloween party by her friend Nancy. Nancy gives her a love potion before the party, telling her that it will bring her one true love to her with just one drop and if she takes two bad things will happen. When Becky takes two drops things occur that Becky never dreamed possible. What happens when Becky attracts one man that she doesn't want? Will her knight in shinning armor come to her rescue in time?

ONE DROP is the perfect example of what can happen if you don't follow directions. It is a fairy tale romance that comes true.


After the death of her husband, Katie is forced to sell her home and furnishings, and move to a retirement home. She isn't too sure about eating there but is talked into it by her daughter Bev. The first day there Katie gets a glimpse of a man that brings back memories from forty years ago, but she decides it just couldn't be him.  On the second day she finds out that it is him, can she let him enter into her life even though forty years have passed since they last saw each other?

HELLO AGAIN is another sweet romance; I loved the idea of the heroine being whisked off on a large motorcycle by a male friend that she hasn't seen in over forty years. This story left me with a smile and every time I see a motorcycle I will think of Katie.

REVENGE - Harmonie Loberg

Mary knows George is cheating on her. Every time she finds lipstick on his clothes he just blames her for not cleaning his clothes well enough. She comes up with a plan to catch him, and ruin his life. What happens next will leave you laughing.

REVENGE left me laughing. I believe the moral of this story is you never know who is watching you when you are doing things you aren't supposed to, so be careful.

Each story is filled with a sweet romance. First loves and lasting loves. This is another recommended read. I look forward to reading more from each of these authors.

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