Midnight Special
By Dottie
Apr 26, 2013 - 12:10:09 PM

FBI Special Agent in Charge Hunter is known for how far he will go to bring a criminal to justice. Despite the many injuries he has endured in the line of duty, he has also received many commendations. A second generation FBI agent, Hunter looks up to his father, who helped him work for his goal when Hunter was growing up. Hunter’s daredevil stunts have helped him nail the criminals, but he has also received injuries from them. In his latest case, he ran out of an exploding building, saving a mob boss’ wife after the mobster left her for dead and set the building on fire. With the mobster believing his wife was dead, she agreed to give the FBI information about her husband to help the prosecution in exchange for going into the WitSec program. Knowing her life is in danger, Hunter agreed to let everyone believe she was still dead.

Marnie Clare was the only single girl in her family, but there was a reason for this. She was determined that her career as a reporter would come first, following in the footsteps of her estranged aunt, who lived in California. In fact, she had never met a man who could tempt her to put him first or who could accept her ambition. Unfortunately, she was still reporting on style for Olympia magazine. Although Marnie enjoyed writing biographies, she could not deny the excitement she felt in doing investigative reporting. Hearing that someone had been hospitalized after a warehouse belonging to reputed mobster Charles Burns exploded, she was desperate to find out all that she could. This could be the big break she has been looking for…the one that would catapult her out of writing fashion and into investigative reporting. While in the ER she discovered that the injured man, Special Agent Hunter would be boarding a theme train within a couple hours, headed to California and the trial. So Marnie was determined to be on that train. But the last thing she expected was to get up close and personal with the agent when she awoke to find him in her bed and the erotic dreams she thought she had been having were reality, not dreams.

Sharing a berth to California puts Hunter and Marnie together a great deal during their week long train ride and the sparks never stopped flying. Although Hunter had never imagined such a thing, he found himself falling in love with her. But how will he feel when he discovers that his berth mate is actually a reporter, seeking to report on his case. Will she publish her story, ruin his chances at bringing a dangerous criminal to justice and doom any future Hunter and Marnie could have had together, or will she find another way so they can have the future with him she longs for?

Along with the newly released MIDNIGHT SPECIAL, readers are treated to a second story. Giving readers another chance at a previously issued reader favorite, COMING ON STRONG, is included in the same book. Six years after Mitch Carter is left standing along at the altar by his runaway bride-to-be Belle Foresham he is about to open his luxurious hotel. With his event planner jumping ship, he needs to find another one. Needing the best event planner he can find, he discovers that person is none other than Belle. As he tries to put the interests of his project first, he signs a contract with her. But the chemistry between them is strong and as things turn heated, she becomes a suspect in the deliberate acts of destruction occurring at the hotel. Is she really behind the accidents, determined to finally bring him down, or is this a second chance at a happy ever after for them?

Deliciously sensual, MIDNIGHT SPECIAL, the latest book in Harlequin Blaze’s WRONG BED series, is a humorous and scorching hot contemporary romance. Penned by USA Today bestselling author Tawny Weber, known for her hot, sassy romances, this story will keep you riveted late into the night and I can assure you the loss of sleep is well worth it. The chemistry between Hunter and Marnie is so hot; you can almost see the heat rising from the pages. Filled with suspense, danger, humor, a feisty reporter and a hunky FBI agent, passion, attitude, secrets, romance and love, this is a book you do not want to miss. Additionally, the second story, COMING ON STRONG, is a treat to be savored by first time readers, who will soon realize why it is a reader favorite, and a delightful chance to revisit it for readers who have read it before. Ms. Weber’s works are a constant on my list of must have books. All it takes is seeing her name on the cover to know that I am in for an enjoyable read. Both stories in the MIDNIGHT SPECIAL novel are sure to raise temperatures and leave you with a smile on your face. Take my advice and pick up a copy. I highly recommend it!

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