Midnight Temptation

Author: Dee Tenorio

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Release Date: December 26, 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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In the two years since Raven took over as CEO of Remington Medical Industries, he’s developed an intense desire for his personal assistant, Vanessa. Raven knows that getting involved with Vanessa is a very bad idea, but there’s no way he can resist her allure. Underneath her professionalism and business attire, Raven is sure there is a passionate woman whom he’s just itching to uncover.

Vanessa Kaye can’t deny her attraction to Raven, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to give in to it or him. Long ago, she vowed to never get involved with any man and the last thing she needs is to put her job at risk by getting into a sexual relationship with her boss. Still, she wonders if the temptation just might turn out to be too much to resist.

Unfortunately, when Vanessa's car dies an untimely death, she is forced into accepting Raven’s offer of rides to and from work from him. Being in a small confined space with no way out is wearing on both of their nerves, but neither of them acts on their desires until he gives her an over-the-top gift - a Mercedes.

Vanessa lives in a bad area and there’s no way she can accept a gift of that value, it’d be stolen or stripped within hours of her arriving home. When she refuses the vehicle, they end up in an argument that escalates until Raven kisses her out of sheer frustration. After Vanessa pulls back from his embrace, Raven wants to know why she always backs away from him, it's obvious she wants him as much as he does her. The only explanation Vanessa can give him is that she’s cursed.

How could she possibly confess the real reason that she avoids any physical intimacy? Both Raven and Vanessa carry secrets buried deep within their hearts that prevent them from truly allowing themselves to love each other. What will happen once their secrets are revealed? Will they be able to make a life for themselves despite it all?

Dee Tenorio has given us a wonderful addition to her REMINGTON Series with MIDNIGHT TEMPTATION. I was drawn to Raven in the first book, MIDNIGHT SONATA, and really wanted to know more about the reason behind all of his pent up anger and frustration. Raven’s still has the chip on his shoulder, but now it’s not without reason.

Vanessa’s inner turmoil over Raven and if she should sleep with him intrigued me - I couldn’t understand how she could possibly deny him when she’s so obviously in love with him. Ms. Tenorio does a wonderful job depicting the reasons for both Raven and Vanessa’s behavior. I loved getting the chance to revisit the characters from the first Remington book and really look forward to reading the next book in the series which I am hoping will be about Chase and Tara. However, we may have to wait a while for that one though since Ms. Tenorio is currently expecting twins. Congratulations on a wonderful read and the upcoming birth of your babies!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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