Midori by Moonlight
By Leigh
Dec 5, 2007 - 10:41:19 AM

Midori has never felt comfortable in the traditional Japanese society. Instead of longing for a home and family of her own, she goes to school and dreams of becoming a pastry chef. When she meets Kevin, an American teacher, she thinks she’s found her Prince Charming and quickly falls for him. Even so, she’s stunned at his marriage proposal, but soon accepts and finds herself living in San Francisco with Kevin’s wealthy upper-class family. That is, until the night of her engagement party.

Midori is thrilled when Kevin introduces her to his friend Shinji, or “Sean”, who has also emigrated from Japan to the U.S. – it’s nice to have someone she can talk to. She is not so thrilled to meet Kimberley; the beautiful, statuesque blond who she finds out is Kevin’s former fiancée. Thrilled is completely removed from her limited English vocabulary when Kevin disappears from the party with Kimberley, only to reappear the next morning to tell Midori he can’t marry her.


Kevin’s mother arranges for Midori to move to a hotel and return to Japan, but Midori has other plans. She likes the U.S., and wants to stay. So Midori turns to the only person she knows in America aside from Kevin’s family – Shinji - for advice. With a little help Midori soon finds herself on her way to realizing her dreams.


MIDORI BY MOONLIGHT is such a charming and pleasurable read! I absolutely love Midori; she’s smart and funny and stands up to take charge of her life completely! Her obsession with soap opera’s will make you laugh, and you’ll cheer when you read about how she deals with Kevin. Overall this is a delightful, entertaining read that will appeal to all ages.

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