Mile High To Heaven

Author: Angela Guillaume

Publisher: Aphrodite's Apples

Release Date: September 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5 Recommended read

Format: EBOOK

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Olivia is nervously awaiting Cole's arrival at the airport.  She has been imagining what he might look like based on his deep sexy voice.  He is supposedly tall and a former college football player.  She is thirty something and has a voluptuous build.  Will he like her?

Cole is tall and huskily built like most football players are.  Totally opposite to his brother Chad.  With dark brown hair and a smile that lights up his face, he is awesome eye candy for the unwitting females.  He is looking forward to this day.  He has been calling Olivia's name since he spied her standing in the airport.

Cole startles Olivia from her heated imaginings of the two of them in bed and out of bed, thoroughly turned on.  She thinks he has a predatory air much like a panther stalking its prey.  Little does Olivia know that he has waited six months for this day.  He thinks she is a hot package.  This is one plane ride that's about to heat up, if Olivia's imagination and Cole's determination to make her his are anything to go by.

Damn, this is a scorcher.  Ms. Guillame certainly knows how to warm the cockles of your heart up.  MILE HIGH TO HEAVEN is filled with heat and need between Cole and Olivia.  Be prepared for some graphic language, hot sex scenes and the need for ice water.  This was very well written and gracefully fluid.  I will definitely recommend this to those over the age of eighteen.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: ladybirdrobi

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