Million Dollar Christmas Proposal
By Chrissy Dionne
Jan 15, 2014 - 4:09:39 AM

Vincenzo Enzo Tomasi is determined to provide his orphaned niece and nephew with a loving home which means he needs to find them a mother and not just a series of nannies who will come and go from their lives.  In theory it’s an easy enough proposition, with enough money as incentive some woman will find caring for Franca and Angilu to be the easiest position she ever had, however that doesn’t mean she’ll provide them with the love they deserve.

Audrey Miller has basically raised her brother Toby since their parents kicked him out at the age of twelve for insisting that he is gay.  She put his needs ahead of her own which meant working while she attended college and taking much longer to finish her courses than she’d originally planned but she feels it was 100% worth the sacrifice.  Now Toby’s been accepted to MIT but she doesn’t have the funds to pay for a place for him to live while he attends school and their parents flat out refuse to have anything to do with either of them. 


Audrey’s job at Tomasi Enterprises covers her living expenses along with her student loans – but just barely.  It seems that Toby’s partial scholarship and acceptance at MIT will all be for nothing because he won’t be able to go unless something drastic happens to change the course of their finances.  That’s when she overhears a conversation in the ladies’ room regarding Mr. Tomasi’s search for a mother for his niece and nephew.  $250,000 a year is a hefty incentive – and that doesn’t include the ten million dollars he’s willing to pay out once the children reach adulthood.  She’s well aware of Mr. Tomasi’s stance on family values and understands his need to give the children a good mother, but she also knows that the chances of him scoring a real live loving ‘mother’ is going to be close to impossible using the tactics he’s put in place.   Rather than leave his schemes to chance, Audrey pays a visit to Enzo’s office and offers herself as the perfect mother figure for Franca and Angilu.  What she doesn’t realize is that part of the deal is she’d have to be a wife for Enzo as well – and not just in appearances only either.  He’s looking for a package deal… what he gets is so much more!


Lucy Monroe’s MILLION DOLLAR CHRISTMAS PROPOSAL is as heartbreaking as it is heartwarming!  Enzo and Audrey come from less than ideal family situations so they’re passionate about children and family in general.  Enzo’s having difficulties with the responsibilities of raising young children but much of that is because he hasn’t integrated their lives with his own.  He’s used his wealth to ensure that they’re cared for but keeps an emotional distance.  Audrey might have been enticed by the financial perks of Enzo’s offer but she’s got a loving heart and Franca and Angilu are too sweet not to love – plus there is that little fact that she’s had a secret crush on Enzo since she went to work for his company.  I loved watching this couple come together and Audrey’s willingness to stand up to Enzo on issues she believes are important.  Lucy Monroe’s MILLION DOLLAR CHRISTMAS PROPOSAL is exactly the sort of storyline that brings a smile to your face and a sense of peace to your heart.


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