Million Dollar Dilemma

Author: Judy Baer

Publisher: Steeple Hill Café

Release Date: September, 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5

Format: PRINT

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Cassia Carr is a preacher's kid, and has always lived frugally, donating as much to worthy causes as she could. So when she learns she is now the co-winner of a huge lottery jackpot her office has bought tickets for, Cassia freaks out. She doesn't see the money as a wonderful, unexpected windfall, instead seeing it as a huge problem. Suddenly Cassia has relatives she never knew she had, and it seems as if everyone is asking her for money. Most people would have had a problem figuring out how to spend it all, but poor Cassia must figure out how to give it all away!

Adam Cavanaugh is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who has traveled the world in search of the best stories. During his travels, however, Adam has lost his Christian faith after seeing all the suffering in the world. Needing a break from it all, Adam heads home for some down time and meets his new neighbor, Cassia Carr. After finding out about Cassia's enormous fortune, Adam sees her as his next big story. The only problem is, Cassia trusts him and doesn't want to be in the spotlight.

As they spend time together, Cassia and Adam become fast friends. Cassia wonders if Adam is the man of her dreams, only to find he isn't a practicing Christian anymore, something she holds in high regard and considers a must for a mate. Could the man back home who professes his love be the man God has for her instead of Adam? Or what about the gangly guy with saintly patience she knew from work who'd love to be her leading man? Oh, my, what's a rich girl to do with so much money and so many suitors!? Do they really love her or do they just love her money?

Judy Baer offers up a second helping of chick-lit with her newest novel, MILLION DOLLAR DILEMMA. Fans of THE WHITNEY CHRONICLES will be happy to see Whitney making a second appearance in this book, although this one is about a friend of hers, Cassia Carr. Readers will enjoy the silly but serious give-and-take of Cassia's predicament in how to get rid of millions of dollars she really doesn't want, finally realizing God had plans for the money and she was just the one to aid in the distribution of it. The man Cassia ultimately ends up giving her heart to is the one who can best help her, and I was happy with her choice. For an enjoyable, inspirational, chick-lit reading experience, be sure to check out MILLION DOLLAR DILEMMA.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sherri Myers

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