Millionaire Dad: Wife Needed

Author: Natasha Oakley

Publisher: Mills & Boon

Release Date: Now Available

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3

Format: PRINT

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At first glance, millionaire Nick Regan-Phillips seems to have everything. Appearances can be deceiving. Nick is struggling to find a way to reach his little daughter, Rosie, who is deaf. He had very little contact with his daughter the first five years of her life. Now, she is living with him and Nick is struggling to find a way to communicate with her.

At first glance, Lydia Stanford is an ambitious woman who has cut short her first vacation in five years in order to advance her career. Appearances can be deceiving. Lydia is a beautiful, award-winning journalist who has a chance to do an authorized biography of a woman whom she has admired since childhood.

When two people judge each other on first impressions, mistakes are bound to happen. Will Nick and Lydia look below the surface or lose a chance at something precious?

MILLIONAIRE DAD: WIFE NEEDED is an entertaining tale by Natasha Oakley. Her writing is solid and her characters are very realistic, Rosie in particular will tug on the reader's heartstrings. Ms. Oakley has crafted a story that is not only easy to follow, but very believable. It was easy to picture this plot happening.

Nick is a man who has allowed others and his own bitterness to separate him from his daughter. Lydia has allowed an incident in her past to color the way she sees others, making her very judgmental. When these two are thrown together, they expect and see the worst in each other. The way Nick and Lydia are forced to change their opinions of one another makes for an engaging read. I will admit that I liked Nick and Lydia?s relationship with Rosie as much as I liked the relationship between them. In my opinion, Rosie steals the show by touching the reader?s heart.

MILLIONAIRE DAD: WIFE NEEDED is an enjoyable book. If you are looking for a solid plot, charming characters, and a glimpse of romance when children are involved, this tale is for you.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Belle Rouge

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