Mini Shopaholic
By Sarah W
Oct 22, 2010 - 12:16:52 PM

Becky Brandon’s married life is not quite perfect but it is certainly a lot of fun. Sure, Becky, Luke, and their two-year-old daughter, Minnie, are still living with Becky’s parents but that’s not the end of the world. They finally have another (okay, fifth) chance at their perfect home and hopefully nothing will mess it up. And okay, Minnie is quite a handful. She is a captive shopping audience with her Mum and her favorite word is certainly “miiiiinnne!”. But being a handful is not a crime, right?

Becky and Luke’s marriage is going strong but yet again, another work crisis is making trouble for Luke. Becky just wants him to be able to relax and have fun; hence she has come up with a plan to host a super secret, birthday extravaganza for Luke this year. Of course, knowing Becky and her rather oversharing mouth, this is not going to come off without a few hitches. Will Luke truly get the surprise of his life at his birthday party? Will Becky ever be able to control Minnie?

MINI SHOPAHOLIC is another wacky adventure with Becky Bloomwood. She is still most definitely Becky, despite being married to Luke for three years. She still loves her sales, finding a good deal, and of course, a great name brand handbag will easily impress her. But her big heart is also alive and well and she hates seeing the stress Luke is going through. She just wants to make things somewhat easier for him and unfortunately, her schemes go somewhat awry (which is putting it mildly). Becky’s genuine character still shines through and you will definitely want to root for her. Readers who have stuck with Becky through her previous five adventures will enjoy seeing new insecurities (is she a bad mum?), new emotions, and some familiar characters. This is a great read but I will be totally honest, readers who have been with Becky through thick and thin, from the very first book, will get the most enjoyment out of this story. The fun of revisiting Becky’s crazy shopping life is toned down a bit as new crises erupt and it’s obvious that she has come a long way from the debt-ridden character readers met in the first book.

MINI SHOPAHOLIC is a fast read. It was a fun ride seeing Becky’s parenting skills put into action. Her personality is still the fun-loving character I enjoyed from the first book but she has matured and that has made the stories even more interesting. I loved visiting with the Brandon family and Minnie’s adventures definitely are going to rival her mum’s! Sophie Kinsella continues to add new layers and new adventures to the Shopaholic stories, making them utterly enchanting.

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