Miracle Road, An Eternity Springs Novel

Author: Emily March

Publisher: Random House

Release Date: November 5, 2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Lucca Romano had lived through a tragedy four years before and thought he had dealt with the memories, but when he suffered a major meltdown, he ran off to be a beach bum on the beaches of Central America. The Romano clan finally talked Lucca into coming to Eternity Springs to be with his family.

Hope Montgomery is the kindergarten teacher in Eternity Springs. Hope has also had a tragedy in her life. On March 15, five years before, her daughter Holly had been kidnapped. Hope works hard every day to not sink into the slump that almost took her life after her daughter was kidnapped. Hope enjoys being around children and she looks forward to teaching her kindergarten kids.


Lucca woke up in the local jail knowing he was in for it when his brother Zach, the sheriff, and his sister Gabi, the sheriff’s deputy, were the first people he sees. Lucca walked home to sleep some more before he faced the day. He was sprawled over his bed, in the house his family had found for him to rent, when he heard some noise coming from his closet. Lucca gets up to go and investigate and when he discovers puppies in the bottom of the closet, the mother dog returns and bites him on the behind. He follows the dog over to the neighbor’s house and this is how Lucca meets Hope.


Hope and Lucca become friends while Lucca teaches Hope about the stars and constellations. They both need a friend to talk to and spend time with when their moods are down. On one particular meltdown for Hope, she rushes to Lucca and they become friends with benefits. Hope shames Lucca into helping her coach the high school basketball team. Lucca fights demons and finds out he is enjoying coaching at this level rather than college ball.


What will happen with Hope and Lucca as they become closer, because they both are not looking for a relationship? Eternity Springs is just a visit for Lucca until he finds his life again.


MIRACLE ROAD is the seventh book in the ETERNITY SPRINGS series. This story is very heart wrenching and soul searching for anyone who likes Emily March’s works. As you turn the pages and reconnect with the characters from past books, you find time to smile, cry and to applaud these two new characters and all of this small town connection. A book I loved to read and would recommend to anyone who likes a wonderful holiday story. Another great story by a great author.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Diana S

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