Eternity Springs, Book 7 - Miracle Road
By Dottie
Dec 23, 2013 - 8:00:00 AM

Lucca Romano enjoys his job as a college basketball coach, until a tragedy occurs. One day on their way back home after an away game, an accident takes the lives of two of his young players and puts one in a wheelchair. He blames himself, quits his job and leaves the state, ending up in Eternity Springs where most of his family resides. His days of coaching are behind him and he has no plans to resume this career in the future, despite his winning records and the many offers he receives.

Schoolteacher Hope Montgomery understands Lucca’s problems since she also lives under a dark cloud. Four years earlier, her young daughter, Holly, was kidnapped after Hope left her with someone she thought she could trust. Since then she has searched in vain. This tragedy also ended her already troubled marriage and her ex-husband never lets her forget that she is to blame for the loss of their daughter. In the small school where Hope teaches, she has to take on a variety of jobs, including bus driver, kindergarten teacher and basketball coach. However, it has been years since she has played basketball so she and the high school team could really use Lucca’s expertise.

Hope has been trying to survive day to day, but when an event shakes her confidence, Lucca comes to her rescue. Soon they are trying to help each other get on with their lives as things turn intimate. Is helping Hope just what Lucca needs to get on with his life? Together, will these two get a second chance at happiness?

A heartwarming tale, MIRACLE ROAD, the seventh book in New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Emily March’s ETERNITY SPRINGS series, is a touching contemporary romance that I found nearly impossible to put down. I absolutely love this series and the town of Eternity Springs. One resident, Celeste, who is a constant in the books of this series, appears to be their guardian angel, always there with timely advice as she helps each individual in the small town. The interaction between Lucca and Hope is sure to have readers in tears at times, but the ending will leave you smiling.

Packed with humor, loss, secrets, kidnapping, death, Christmas, miracles, family dynamics, witty repartee, passion, healing, romance, love, and a wonderful ending, this story is unforgettable. After reading this story, I am anxious to read the next installment of this series, DREAMWEAVER TRAIL, with Lucca’s younger sister, Gabi, as the heroine. It is due to release in May 2014. MIRACLE ROAD is a tale that will touch your heart. Do not miss it!

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