Mischief in the Dark
By Scarlet
Dec 7, 2007 - 5:13:57 AM

s spending Halloween with a new plan, get out and enjoy life now that she doesn’t have a worthless boyfriend dragging her down. She decides to tour a haunted house when she is locked in by accident. She isn’t alone in the dark, either. She has a sexy stranger with her, a man who makes her blood run hot and chills race up her spine. Maybe the night won’t turn out too bad after all, but what happens when morning comes?

Will is attending the haunted house with friends when he spies a sexy tiger enter the door. As they proceed through the two miles of chilling scares, Will keeps an eye out for the delicious feline, hoping to spend some quality time with her. What he didn’t plan was getting locked into a basement with her for a night of erotic delights.  


Will and Shari are realistically portrayed characters that immediately felt an attraction to each other. Her fear of being confined is aptly portrayed, with Will’s need to comfort a predictable conclusion. The attraction is, of course, acted upon right away, with inhibitions flying out the window. The encounters are explicit and frequent, with neither character lacking stamina. If you want a quick Halloween erotic escapade, MISCHIEF IN THE DARK is the one for you.

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