Miss Match
By Michele Rioli
Apr 20, 2015 - 5:09:15 PM

Spirited Andrea Dawson, consummate matchmaker, is on the hunt for work! Needing a job, like yesterday, Andrea applies for a matchmaking post at a successful IT firm, at the request of her annoying sister. They are flat broke and need money quick. Argh! She has reservations about the position, especially after meeting the almighty Blake Donovan, successful executive extraordinaire. However, it is the only job prospect she has right now that fits her atypical talents. One peek at Blake melts her from head to toe. Sigh… He is mucho, macho hot! By the way, the job is to find him a wife. Is he for real?

Hugely successful, Blake Donovan doesn’t know what to think of the latest damsel to grace his office pursuant of the job position to locate a likely date as his future wife. Ms. Andrea Dawson exudes an aura of sexiness with a large dose of sizzle and sass. Not at all the traits he is looking for in a respectful wife. Still, she is perfect in more ways than he realizes…

MISS MATCH is dangerously seductive and fraught with clever repertoire, dangling a blistering undercurrent of sexual tension. This story epitomizes a man’s quest to find the perfect wife using a matchmaker. Only, Blake Donovan, a dazzling, prosperous bachelor and owner of a flourishing corporation, meets one sparkling, vivacious woman, Andrea Dawson, who surprisingly revs up his engines. Uh oh, he is in trouble now! This is a whip-smart funny, fast-paced, sharp and very romantic comedy/caper. I almost got whiplash with the zippy banter between Andrea and Blake. They get into some intense arguments and positions. Ahem! The writing is incredible and the one-liners never stop! This madcap tale of matchmaking mayhem is one to treasure! Ms. McGee is a new favorite author of mine! I can’t wait to see what she will write next! MISS MATCH blends steamy situations, a captivating plot and cheeky fun into a heart-filled novel. Very stylish!

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