Calendar Girls - Miss August

Author: Madison Hayes

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: August 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Shelley August badly needs the secretarial job that Rob Brooks is offering. There is only on complication, Rob wants a man for the job. He doesn’t want a woman, one especially who is going to end up being a huge distraction. When he gets her job application he assumes she is a man, but when he meets her for the first time he sees she is more woman than any other woman he has ever known. Seeing her doesn’t make him think sweet thoughts. Rob needs someone he can trust with his secrets, and his current work in progress. Can he rely on Shelley?


Shelley’s last boss wanted more than just her secretarial expertise, and when Shelley failed to comply with his wishes, she was fired. The job Rob is offering is the perfect opportunity to get back on her feet, and move out of her parent’s house. When she finds out that Rob is married she tries to stem her wayward thoughts, but that’s hard to do when she has to spend so much time with him. When things finally get out of hand can Shelley trust in Rob to tell her the truth about his secrets?

Shelley tries to ignore the sexual tension surrounding them and Rob tries everything in his power to get Shelley to give in, but she refuses because she believes him to be married. Can he believe in himself, and tell her his secret, or continue to lie to her, and risk loosing her forever?

Madison Hayes has another winner on her hands with MISS AUGUST. I feel for Shelley, the pain she feels. Loving Rob, but believing he is a married man. We can’t stop our hearts from loving someone, even when we know it’s wrong, and wondering if he will love us in return. MISS AUGUST is filled with a sexual roller coaster of scenes, and finally ending with a climax that left me panting and begging for more. The characters are life like in MISS AUGUST, which makes them easy to relate to. Thank you, Madison for the wonderful, exciting Calendar Girl Series.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Shayla

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