Miss Behavior
By Chrissy Dionne
Jan 1, 2006 - 11:49:00 AM

Lorna Merryfield’s whole life revolves around work. Even her holidays celebration is going to be work related. Her deep down secret desire has absolutely nothing to do with work or manners. She wants passionate sex with a completely impractical man.

Gage Archer is Lorna’s airplane pilot. He’s read Lorna’s prudish newspaper column and fantasized about getting the opportunity to get into the pants of such an uptight woman. He never actually expected to meet her though.

Lorna is horrified when she sees the size of the airplane she’s due to fly in. It resembles a wind-up toy. On the verge of panic, she at first refuses to fly in it, Gage reassures her that he’s never crashed and that she’ll be safe. She’s still nervous but with no other options available climbs into the backseat where she hangs onto the armrests for dear life. While trying to distract herself from the bumpy ride, Lorna attempted to concentrate on her business plan but mostly just fantasized about Gage. Until she realized that the plane had gotten too quiet. The engine had quit, they were going to go down. So much for Gage’s perfect record. Lorna just knows she’s going to die and never get to experience raw, wild passion. Once they’re safely on the ground, though stranded, Lorna tells Gage about her regret. It’s a wish he’s only too happy to fulfil for her.

MISS BEHAVIOR is a fun fast paced story that’ll have you believing in second chances. Lorna’s spent all her time concentrating on work and pleasing her parents, she’s never truly gone after what she wanted. A scary near death experience has her reevaluating her life and desires. Gage with his motto "work to live, not live to work" is the perfect man to help her live her desires and discover a new way to live.

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