Calendar Girls - Miss February

Author: Madison Hayes

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: October 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4


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They say good things come to those who wait, but Bret Haverston isn't so sure that saying applies to him.  What can he possibly do to convince Callie Stamos that she is beautiful and that she's the one for him? He's loved her from afar for such a long time, high school to be exact.  He's watched her date the wrong men, marry the wrong man, and now he's watching her go through the pain of divorce.  He'd give anything to be her man.

Callie Stamos has never felt beautiful, she's never felt good about herself at all - always worrying about her weight and wondering what people could possibly see in her.  Callie doesn't feel comfortable in her size fourteen body.  If she could only see herself the way others see her...attractive, intelligent, and so very sensual, then maybe she'd know just how wrong she is. Blinded by her insecurities, she's forgotten that beauty isn't just on the outside.  A person is beautiful because of their smile and how they laugh.  It comes from their heart and soul, in the way they move, and in their confidence. It surrounds them in every little thing they do and say. 


It all started seven years ago, when Bret asked Callie to the Valentine's Day Dance in high school.  Unfortunately, she turned him down.  Since that day, Bret has waited for his chance at winning her heart.  He's been there for her as a trusted friend and a willing shoulder for her to lean upon.  Now, seven years later, he's there for her again, asking her to accompany him on a trip to Hawaii , which he won through his work.  Bret does his best to convince her and after telling Callie about an accident he had, she agrees to go with him to cheer him up and to help him recuperate.  After all, they are friends, and friends do help each other.


Yes, Bret Haverson has dated some strikingly beautiful women, Miss January, a centerfold model, just happens to be one of them, but now he must convince Callie to be his Miss February. Bret needs to show Callie that he loves her and desires her as the beautiful woman she is. He must find a way to have her believing in herself again. Will this Valentine's Day be any different for Callie and Bret?


This was such a fun story to read.  One of the things I most enjoyed was the wonderful banter that Callie and Bret had.  Madison Hayes wrote superb dialogue between these two characters and created some highly sensual moments, as well.  MISS FEBRUARY is a must-read for this Valentine's Day.  



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By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Patti Fleishman

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