Miss Fortune
By Angel
Nov 1, 2004 - 9:23:00 PM

Rachel is kind hearted, generous and rich, which makes her a target for a lot of people.  When her father decides to give her a glimpse of what the real world is like by cutting her off, he just may have done her a favor.  Now Rachel has a new attitude, a new outlook and she just may have found that James Bond look a like she has always wanted.

Flynn is everything a British gentleman should be; he's charming, suave, debonair and always seeming to be in the path of one very special woman.  Flynn can't explain how he keeps bumping into Rachel, but who is he to thumb his nose at fate?  Rachel is different from any woman he has met and her quirky nature intrigues him.  Why can't he get this woman out of his mind?

MISS FORTUNE is a great book and kept me reading until the very last page.  Rachel is sweet and kind and a prime target for people looking for an easy ride.  Flynn is James Bond come to life, sexy and charming with an accent that you can only imagine.  Of course as in all good plots, mystery rears its ugly head and the doubts and trust issues come into play.  Julia London has done a wonderful job in creating characters that seem so true to life you can almost reach out and touch them.  I highly recommend this book for a very entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable read.

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