Miss Lonely Hearts

Author: Charlene Teglia

Publisher: Samhain

Release Date: October 30, 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Jason Alexander is a man on a mission.  Three of the patrons of his bar, The Last Resort, have been preyed upon by a woman they’ve met online and Jason is determined to expose MISS LONELY HEARTS before she strikes again and leaves another of his friends crying in their beer.


Cassandra Adams hasn’t had the best of luck with traditional dating.  She’s been engaged twice and been dumped both times.  With just two months left to marry or lose her inheritance, Cass decides to go about finding a husband a little differently.  She opts to look for a husband she can love and what better way to do that then become a mail-order bride?


For Cass it’s not just the inheritance - it’s personal since her relative, ‘Riley the Bastard,’ has made her life a nightmare.  His harassment alone has made maintaining a decent standard of living impossible.  If she has any hope of finding love, starting a family, receiving her inheritance and living out her dreams she’s going to go outside the normal dating pool.  The solution - scour the classified ads and find a man located in a remote area to pin all her hopes and dreams on and as luck would have it there’s where she finds the man whom she believes will fit the bill perfectly. 


He lives in Ketchikan, Alaska it’s rural and far enough from Seattle that Cass wouldn’t have to endure all the rain.  While Cass dreams of her fantasy Alaskan and happily ever after, Jason has plans of his own which are hinged completely on her being Miss Lonely Hearts.  Her emails to him are exactly what he would expect from a con artist and he’s just positive he’s found his woman - especially when she raises her normal stakes from just one plane ticket to travel fare for both her and her dog.  He even travels to Seattle so he can confront her when she cashes them in, which was what happened to the men who frequent his bar.  He’s stunned when she actually does use the tickets and gets on the plane.  His emails to her were full of lies and deceit so how can he rectify the situation?  One thing’s clear, Cass is a wanted woman and not for running any sort of scam.  Jason’s determined to marry her and fortunately he has a whole Alaskan town willing to aid him in this goal as soon as the plane lands.  There’s only one little problem, she believes she’s there to marry an ugly man named Alex, not the sexier than sin man whom she sat next to on the plane ride from Seattle.


Charlene Teglia had me smiling throughout the entire time I read this story.  The characters are charming, the setting is beautiful and the plot flows smoothly with plenty of laugh out loud captivating scenes to ensure you finish reading this book in one sitting.  While the beginning of Cass and Jason’s relationship seems off to a rocky start, I was completely won over by Jason’s friends who were taken in by the real MISS LONELY HEARTS and once it’s revealed who had pulled the scam  . . .  well let’s just say I’m really hoping there will be a story that divulges what happens next because I’m dying of curiosity.  Dwight and Duke Lawrence stole my heart with their strong, silent personas and then the heartbreak that resonates through the pages over MISS LONELY HEARTS deception and Sam is just as loveable - even if he isn’t silent.  Thank you Ms. Teglia for putting such a positive spin on what could be a very sad situation.  MISS LONELY HEARTS is a truly delicious tale.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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Romance Junkies Publishing Editor: Chrissy


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