Calendar Girls - Miss May

Author: Madison Hayes

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: May 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Cord Hardin, a retired bull rider, is in dire need of an English teacher. His current girlfriend called him a boor and refuses to have anything to do with him until he changes his ways.  In response, Cord hires Cindy Patterson to help him change his rustic behavior so he can get back into Veronica's good graces.  When he meets Cindy for the first time, he finds that she could be the most extraordinary woman he has ever seen.  While Veronica is ideal as arm candy, Cindy is the consummate bed mate.  As Cord comes to know Cindy, he realizes that he no longer wants Veronica.   Can he convince Cindy that she's the perfect woman for him?

Plus sized and proud, Cindy Patterson is an English teacher who tutors on the side.  When Cord Hardin hires her to help him refine his speech, she is at a loss for words.  She can't fathom his girlfriend throwing him out of her life until he excels with his English - the man is simply HAWT!  She would never throw him out of her bed, ever.  As Cindy teaches Cord the proper way to speak, she starts to wonder why he is going to great lengths to please a woman who doesn't seem to want him.  Cindy soon realizes that she is falling in love with a man that is bound and determined to get one woman into bed and into his life - a woman that isn't her.  Or is it?


Madison Hayes has done it again with MISS MAY.  This book is top notch and it's going straight onto my keeper list.  I love how Cindy is not afraid of how her body looks; she is not a simpering size two.  Cord is a man who always wins; when he sees something that he wants, he gets it.  I believe these books hold hope for those who are not the atypical model thin.  There is someone out there for everyone; we just have to wait and be patient.  Until then I will dream along with Madison Hayes Calendar Girl Series, one book at a time.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Shayla

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