Calendar Girls - Miss September
By Shayla
Feb 18, 2008 - 2:24:35 PM

Renny Clarkson has always been in love with her boss Colt Hardin, no matter that he has never noticed her as a woman. While in Las Vegas on a business trip, Colt, in a drunken stupor, proposes to her. In a burst of spontaneity, she jumps at the chance to marry him. The next morning reality intrudes when Colt doesn’t recall the marriage. To make matters worse, he is not acting like he wants to stay married. Renny believes it’s because she’s not beautiful. She was hoping this would be her chance to be happy.  

Colt Hardin wakes up in Las Vegas to find that he has done the unexplainable – he has married his assistant, Renny Clarkson. How can he ever get her to forgive him? After having found his ex-wife in bed with his best friends, he hates women, especially beautiful women. When Renny proposes an annulment, Colt is against it. For some reason he doesn’t feel it’s the answer. As the hours pass and Colt has more time to think, he comes to realize that Renny is the perfect woman for him. Now, it’s up to him to convince Renny that they belong together. Can he and Renny make it work?


Madison Hayes has once again added a wonderful addition to the Calendar Girl Series. I love these books. They are automatically added to my must read list. Colt and Renny are perfect together. Renny needed someone to see her inner beauty and Colt needed a woman he could trust with his heart and soul. Thank you, Madison Hayes, for adding such a fabulous book to my Calendar Girl collection!

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