Missing Linc

Author: Kori Roberts

Publisher: Loose Id

Release Date: January 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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New Yorker Lincoln has moved to his family’s home in Puerto Rico.  Now a chauffeur with his own business, Linc makes his own hours.  So what if they are lonely? After having lost both of his lovers on 9/11, Linc has put his happy memories away and refuses to give love a chance.  When he picks up Tomi and Mitch at the airport and watches them play with each other on the way to their hotel, Linc can’t help but notice the desire in their eyes.  When they ask him to dinner, he figures it will just be dinner.  He figured wrong.

Tomi and Mitch were betrayed months ago by their former lover.  Rebuilding their lives from the ground up, they never let go of the fact that they loved each other.  Ready to commit their lives to each other, they travel to Puerto Rico to marry never expecting to find Linc.  Their attraction to and desire for Lincoln scares them but they are ready to ask him to be in their lives permanently.  They are not prepared for the series of events that happens when they do.  With their lives changed and their hearts on the line, Mitch and Tomi are devastated with the answer Linc gives them. 


MISSING LINC by Kori Roberts kept me on an emotional roller coaster the entire time I was reading which is a very good thing. I love to feel the emotions of the characters I read about and Linc’s emotions came through loud and clear.  Scared to death of being hurt, he thought he had everything figured out.  What he didn’t take into consideration was the depth of the feeling he had for Tomi and Mitch.  One hard decision later, Linc was on his way to the lovers he adored. 


MISSING LINC is one scorching hot ménage.  Tomi and Mitch’s love scenes together were blazing hot to start with; add in Linc’s presence and I was sweating!  Kori Roberts should be proud of this release – it is great!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Natasha Smith

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