Missing in Paradise

Author: Tilly Greene

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: September 2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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World-champion surfer Mike Kane’s career was effectively ended when a shark decided to nibble on his leg but that hasn’t stopped him from being an incredibly busy man.  In addition to the video game he’s been actively helping create, he’s been nominated for a Grammy for a song he wrote so there’s lots of publicity to be handled.  The one thing that makes him truly happy, besides surfing, is his romance with TV personality Mary Miller – until she drops the bombshell – “We’re over.”  No explanation, no discussion, no real closure.

Mary Miller is beloved for her ingenious ideas for making the old new again. Reuse is the main topic of her television show but as much as she loves her job and the public she can’t pretend that she’s having a difficult time with keeping everything compartmentalized.  She’s been secretly seeing Mike for the past year, and feels like there’s just nowhere else for their relationship to go without being made public – and she’s afraid that he might just decide to move onto someone more exciting than ‘Suzy Homemaker.  She’s reached a point that she knows something has to give and she’s more than a little panicked by the reality of it all – but she does know she made a huge mistake in dumping Mike the way she did.


Mike had been in New York when Mary dumped him over the phone.  Thanks to a snow storm it’s several days before he’s able to return to California to confront her and find out what happened.  By then Mary’s had time to rethink her actions and regrets them but she’s unsure how to make amends with Mike.  It’s not that she doesn’t love him, she does, but their public profiles makes dating publicly impossible and what would happen if word got out that little celebrity goody-goody homemaker likes her sex with a little slap and tickle, has piercings in undisclosed locations and getting down and dirty with a tattooed retired surfer.  Mike understands her dilemma, but rather than breaking up altogether, he wants to take their relationship to the next step – openly dating, engagement, rings, children… the whole nine yards.  If she’s honest, Mary wants the same thing but merging her public persona with reality is scary.


Love, romance, happily-ever-afters are only easy in theory.  In reality, they’re hard work and as celebrities they’d be even more complex.  MISSING IN PARADISE by Tilly Greene teases the imagination with not just a sexy tale but how difficult it would be for celebrities to have any sort of private life.  Mike and Mary are such different personalities yet they’re a lot alike – including enjoying the same sort of kinky bedroom games and it’s evident that as well as lovers they are very good friends.  I got a real kick out of their relationship and love how they lose themselves in each other – though that does tend to cause problems when she is reported to the police as a missing person.  MISSING IN PARADISE is a fun read with some lighthearted moments, deep insight and a satisfying conclusion.  It’s a great feel good read.



By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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