Mission: Irresistible

Author: Lori Wilde

Publisher: Warner Forever

Release Date: May 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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If there is one thing Cassie Cooper can find herself in, it is impossible situations with even more impossible men.  With her twin sister now happily married and living on the east coast, it is up to Cassie to get her butt out of trouble.  Cassie is a PR specialist who is banking on the success of the party she planned for the reunion of ill-fated lovers at the Kimbell Art Museum.  If all goes according to plan, Cassie will end up with a favorable recommendation for her dream job at the Smithsonian.  But when the illustrious Dr. Adam Grayfield who was to arrive with Solen's portion of the exhibit is missing, along with the theft of Kiya's portion that Dr. Harrison Standish recovered, may put an end to all of Cassie's dreams.

Dr. Harrison Standish spent his entire life searching for Kiya's tomb.  So when her portion of the necklace is stolen, he knows that he has to do whatever it takes to get it back.  Even if it means teaming up with the flamboyant, sexy Cassie Cooper.  Harrison thinks that his half-brother, Adam Grayfield is up to his usual publicity tricks and that Cassie is just another one of Adam's women he uses to help play his games. But with Cassie's job on the line, her apartment trashed and a cryptic message from Adam, Harrison realizes this is no game and he needs to protect Cassie.  And as much as she drives him insane, the only way to make sure Cassie stays safe is to keep her close to him.


With bad guys chasing them and new leads to explore, Cassie and Harrison are racing against time to solve the mystery surrounding Adam's disappearance and the missing halves of the necklace.  And the more time the reclusive, mismatched professor spends with the sassy, carefree Cassie, the closer the two are becoming.  But will these two opposites realize that they found love in each other, or will they let their past tragedies keep them apart?


Once again Lori Wilde delivers an exciting romantic story that is filled with humor and suspense.  MISSION: IRRESISTIBLE is an adventure in itself, whisking readers into its mysterious, romantic plot.  This reader found it impossible to put down until I read the very last word.  Catching up with Cassie's twin, Maddie, from Ms. Wilde's book, CHARMED AND DANGEROUS is an added treat for Wilde fans.  Now we just have to beg her to write another exhilarating story for Adam.  MISSION: IRRESISTIBLE has it all and is sure to capture the heart of any reader.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Bea Sigman

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