Santa’s Helpers: Mistletoe Mistakes
By Chrissy Dionne
Jan 21, 2013 - 7:53:31 PM

MJ has lived in the northwest since she graduated from college so she’s not about to let the weatherman’s warnings of an enormous blizzard due to hit the area keep her from visiting the mountain cabin she’s recently inherited.  That will be just one of  the many mistletoe mistakes she makes and each one compounds the one before it – but sometimes mistakes are really blessings in disguise.

MJ finally makes it to the cabin much later than she’d planned, but who knew so many mistletoe mistakes would occur in such a short period of time.  To add insult to injury when she tries to get into the cabin and out of the snowstorm she discovers that the attorney gave her the wrong key, but as luck would have it she quickly finds the hidden spare key and lets herself in – only to discover that she isn’t the only person there… and even worse, it’s not her cabin.


Just when it looks like her mistletoe mistakes are about to overwhelm her she discovers that she’s let herself into the neighboring cabin which now belongs to her long ago summertime love Jonah Fortune.  He’s changed so much from the boy she once knew and she can’t help but wonder if sex with him would be as mind blowing as it had been the summer she lost her virginity.  When he invites her to stay the night instead of going to her own freezing cabin she agrees, but it will be more than the generator warming up her body this night as MJ and Jonah rekindle the romance that began ten years ago. 


Jocelyn Michael makes blundering your way through a situation humorous and sexy with her release MISTLETOE MISTAKES.  I couldn’t help but laugh at MJ’s impulsive decisions and how as a reader I felt like she was checking off each mistake as she went… mistake 1 – done, mistake 2 – done… .  By the time she breaks into the neighboring cabin I thought she was a disaster waiting to happen, but then we’re introduced to Jonah and realize every mistake that led to them being together was absolutely worth it.  This is a fun read for the holidays but it’s one of those stories that can really work at any time of year.


MISTLETOE MISTAKES is one of the stories in Changeling Press’s 2012 Santa’s HELPERS line.  To check out the other titles visit:

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