Mistress: An Awakening of the Soul
By Claudia McRay
Feb 1, 2005 - 3:16:00 PM

Harley Jace and her sister, Sharon, own an island paradise where people come to train and be trained in the various aspects of BDSM. Harley's life is mostly spent off the island running her own business. A chance meeting with someone she misjudged landed her in Siberia, a prisoner and subsequent play toy for this man.

Chicago Detective Marcus Quincey (Quinn) Holden is searching for a missing girl. His search leads him to an unspeakable place in the frozen Siberian world of Van Patton. While he's there, his cover is blown and he is sent to the dungeon where he resides for three long years.

Quinn and Harley befriend one another while existing in Van Patton's clutches. They try to help others escape. After she escapes, Harley goes back to rescue the others. They're all gone and Van Patton has once again disappeared.

Harley has become restless and feels a need to go back to the island resort to regroup. The emptiness she's felt since her ordeal seems to drive her home to be with her sister and rest for a while.

Once a year, the resort holds an auction. Submissives and slaves are auctioned off to the highest bidders. During this particular auction, a man is brought into the room. He's bound in chains and is more madman than human. Harley outbids everyone and takes him to her quarters where she nurses him back to health. His memory is gone; the scars on and inside his body are extensive.

Slowly, over time, she manages to bring him back from his personal prison. Once his memory returns, they find the missing puzzle pieces of their lives. She does what she thinks is right and, through her contacts, has him re-installed in his position with the Chicago Police, complete with back-pay and promotion.

Harley and Quinn are lonely. Will they continue to exist or will their feelings for one another overcome them? Lady Blade has written a graphic account of what can happen to people when they least expect it.  MISTRESS - AWAKENING OF A SOUL is graphic in places; however, it's well written and gives the reader a view of the seedier and sometimes lethal side of the BDSM lifestyle.

I read in this story a commentary on today's society and how we don't always get what we want and, just maybe, get more than we bargained for in the first place. Lady Blade's insight into humanity as it exists today was eye opening. She's shown us how easy it is for our children and even savvy adults to be exploited. It takes a hero like Quinn to venture into the unknown to save lives and extricate these people even at the risk to himself personally. It takes a heroine like Harley who has the financial resources to do much the same from other perspectives.  Whether you enjoy the genre or not, if you're over eighteen, I highly recommend reading it. The underlying symbolisms will tug at your conscience and your heart.

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