Wild West Boys - Mistress Christmas
By Chrissy Dionne
Dec 25, 2008 - 7:10:45 AM

Holly North has agreed to something completely out of character.  As an accountant she would never strut about looking like an ‘X-rated Mrs. Claus, but with a little pleading and begging from her friend that’s exactly what she’s going to do.  Due to the illness that has been sweeping through Sugar Plums, a Christmas-themed strip club, Holly dons the Mistress Christmas getup – adds a velvet mask and struts her stuff for the crowd.

Detective Nick West is on a mission.  Granted it’s entirely off the clock since his friend didn’t want to file a report about the supposed robbery that occurred at Sugar Plums.  He’s dead set on taking down the thieving Mistress Christmas – until he gets a good look at her.  Now he’s far more interested in uncovering all her secrets on a personal level than pursuing her in any legal manner.


For Holly the freedom allotted along with anonymity is a real eye opener.  Especially once she meets Nick who promises that he’s definitely more sinner than saint.  He’s the epitome of all her sexual fantasies rolled into one tight, hot package that she would love to find under her Christmas tree tied neatly with a bow.  Reality is that as an accountant he would probably never give her a second look but she’s incognito and as Mistress Christmas she’s allowed to be more bold and daring than she’d normally dare.  Their first meeting is full of sexual innuendoes and Christmassy humor but it’s the lap dance he insists on that really turns up the heat.   Nick is a little confused since as a seasoned stripper Holly should know the rules about touching or kissing during the session.  Instinctively he knows that Holly is innocent of wrongdoing but as a seasoned detective it’s hard to let go of his concerns. 


When Holly confides her naughty Christmas wish well, Nick’s certainly not going to disappoint her – especially when her wish is one night of sexual decadence … with him!  Neither of them knows the truth about the other.  He believes her to be a stripper who may or may not be robbing the men she dances for and all she knows about him is he’s a Wyoming cowboy who does lots and lots of paperwork in his current occupation.   Their deceptions may prove to be problematic in the future but for this one night, they’re going to do far more than get tangled up in the tinsel.


Lorelei James is certain to bring a smile to your face with this holiday inspired tale.  MISTRESS CHRISTMAS is full of smart and sassy characters, sexually charged situations, a little suspense, and plenty of chuckles.  Holly and Nick complement each other beautifully and I got a huge kick out of being privy to their relationship as it developed.  The whole time I was reading I wondered how Nick’s ‘investigation’ would turn out and I have to tell you it was nothing like I expected.  Ms. James certainly throws readers a curveball on that one.  This is a wonderful story and well worth adding to your keeper shelves.


MISTRESS CHRISTMAS is the first story in a brand new series entitled the WILD WEST BOYS.  While I can’t find anything about future releases in this series I’ll definitely be on the lookout for them.  Will also be going back and reading the ROUGH RIDERS books since I discovered this series is loosely connected to them J

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