Mistress Kitty's Thigh-High Boots

Author: Monica M. Martin

Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press

Release Date: January 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Katherine O’Brien, aka Mistress Kitty, is a professional dominatrix and part owner of a ProDom house.  Determined to retire from the business, maybe get married, raise a few children, and focus on her Dominant Art, Fate steps in and plays a cruel trick on her.  Mistress Kitty’s last client and final appointment is with the submissive man of her dreams.  As sparks soar between them in their introductory meeting, Mistress Kitty ponders what a shame it is she never dates clients.

Alex Stevenson is an alpha male among alphas in the publishing world.  Editor-in-chief of the hugely successful magazine, “The Contemporary Man,” Alex is hoping to confide in his fiancée that while he rules his business with an iron fist, in the privacy of himself and his lover, his preferences lean towards being a sexual submissive.  With the rest of their lives on the line, he wants his fiancée to understand, accept, and love him for who he is with no restrictions.  When she’s disgusted by his sexual inclinations and breaks the engagement, Alex takes his sexual awakening in his own hands and seeks out Mistress Kitty.


A virgin sexual submissive with the looks of Jude Law, Alex is too delicious for Mistress Kitty to resist and agrees to be the dominatrix to break him in.  Enamored of her beauty and in awe of her obvious understanding of his needs, Alex anxiously waits in fear and anticipation of their session.  Will their one session together be enough to quell the fire that’s been so palpably ignited since they first met?


MISTRESS KITTY’S THIGH HIGH BOOTS provides a great foundation for understanding the different lifestyles, levels of commitment, and sexual behaviors behind a BDSM relationship.  But just as important to note, this is an erotically romantic story about unconventional, true love finding its way through a very conventional world.  Monica M. Martin has penned an engaging and arresting story in MISTRESS KITTY’S THIGH HIGH BOOTS, an eye opener into the world of BDSM if ever I saw one! 

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chris

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