Mixed Blessings

Author: Diane Amos

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Release Date: July 3, 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Monique St. Cyr shares a duplex with her erotic romance author mother, who takes an annoying interest in Monique's life. Is it any wonder then that she's practically dancing her way down the aisle? Oh, it's not her wedding, it's her mother's. In just a few hours her mother will depart Maine for her honeymoon, leaving Monique a blissfully free woman for a few months. She hardly has time to contemplate how great life will be before her aunt and grandfather arrive from Texas.

Lilly, a middle-aged woman with a moral compass right out of the 1950s, keeps smelling salts available at all time for when she feels faint from some shocking comment or action. It seems to happen often. Gramps, dear that he is, moved a few years ago from a lifetime in Boston to Texas. He's since gained a full-blown Texan persona even as he's lost his hearing.


So between being attentive to her easily upset aunt and trying to keep her grandfather's bellowed, non-politically correct comments to a minimum, the wedding reception demands champagne--and plenty of it. Then--horror of horrors--trying to be nice, Monique says she wishes her aunt could stay for a longer visit…and Lilly accepts. She and Gramps move next door, into Monique's mother's duplex.


Lilly is young, actually. She only lets herself feel old. Lilly thinks she and Monique are soul mates, both being spinsters as they are. But after several glasses of the bubbly herself, she decides to bring her life into the current decade, and she wants to use Monique as her guide. Great. Just what Monique wants. Shoot her now and get it over with.


Monique's supporters are her best friend Jeannine and her love interest, Jake. Suddenly, in what should have been a fun, carefree few months, even these rock-solid mainstays of her life change. Jeannine admits she's pregnant. She wants to marry the father but he runs for the hills. On the other hand, Jake wants to marry now, or as soon as possible. Monique loves Jake but she's put off her career as a reporter for guys in the past and doesn't want to do it again. She worries that if she asks Jake to wait, she might be making her aunt's title of "spinster" a reality. And speaking of career, that's in jeopardy, too, if she doesn't come up with an article that knocks the socks off her editor, Mr. Winters.


Amidst all this chaos, Monique finds her life is in danger. Someone is delivering boxes of her mother's last book ripped to shreds, and threatening notes. Then her car is blown up. As chaos reigns, Monique wonders if she'll even live long enough to tear out her hair in frustration.


I truly enjoyed MIXED BLESSINGS, which is a novel-length reminder to be careful what we wish for. I loved Monique. Jake, too. Oh and Lilly… In fact, I loved every character in the book, including Monique's mother who's mostly off-screen. She's such an overwhelming personality, even while she's overseas on her honeymoon she reaches out to add twists and turns to Monique's life. A quirky aunt, a spunky, funny heroine, a wonderfully sexy hero, and lots of fast paced action make this book one you must read!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Kris Jones

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