Author: Sherri Derr-Wille

Publisher: Writers-Exchange

Release Date: February 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Jennifer Barrett was a seventeen year old teenager acting and singing in her high school play when Mitchell Dallman first saw her. He was taken with her singing abilities and her beauty right from the start. Mitch came to hear Jeni sing because he had heard that she was very good and he wanted to offer her an audition to sing for singer/songwriter Tony LaMont. Tony was looking for someone to sing with him for the summer while his wife Anita took time off to have a child. Jeni thought this was a dream come true and said she would do the audition. Tony was very taken with the young singer?s voice and decided to offer her the job for the summer.

Jeni was excited; she had always wanted to sing and this was a chance to do it, if only for the summer. Tony and Jeni took off touring and Jeni was a hit. She was enjoying herself and having a ball. At one point in the tour Tony needed to be home with Anita so Jeni and a band member, Tim, took over the tour. They were a hit. Tim was falling in love with Jeni but knew that Jeni?s heart was somewhere else. She was in love with Mitch and Mitch was in love with Jeni. But Mitch thought the age difference was too much so he decides to keep his feeling a secret. Did Jeni return Mitch?s feelings? He was scared that he would lose her to Tim. Would Jeni and Mitch ever get together?

Sherri Derr-Wille has written a great book. MOCKINGBIRD is a book that will keep readers hooked until the last page. I couldn?t put the book down until I was finished. I was very impressed with the story. I love the way Ms. Derr-Wille writes. She keeps you focused on the story and some surprising twists to keep the reader guessing what will happen next. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a great love story and an easy read.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Moon Tee

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