Model Behavior

Author: Janie Mason

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Release Date: October 14, 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Molly Birchfield is a commercial artist. Wearing dowdy clothes and glasses, Molly doesn’t want to be noticed after having been sexually harassed in her previous job. So now all she wants is to be ‘one of the guys’, so to speak – a girl who’s known for her wit and personality and not as a sexual creature.

Too bad though she’s been having sexual fantasies about her co-worker and best friend, Scott McDowell. Torn between wanting him and needing to present herself as a non-descript person who is anything but feminine, Molly would give anything to be able to indulge into something more – preferably very hot – with Scott.

The dream opportunity arises when Scott finds himself in need of some money. Molly snatches the chance, offering Scott a way of making some ‘quick’ cash. He needs to pose, in the nude, for three consecutive days. But how to tell Scott about her real life, the person she hides, the artist she is?

Simple – invent another woman to take on that persona. Molly comes up with Mary, her identical twin sister.

Scott, reluctant to go ahead with this nude model idea, gives in, and finds himself falling for the sexy woman Mary is. Heat is very much present between them, and when he and Mary indulge in some red-hot sexual encounters, Scott is left sexually satisfied but emotionally empty. He craves companionship and friendship – Molly’s!

Secrets come out in the open in the aftermath of blissful sex. What Molly dreads happens – Scott finds out about the deception.

Will she lose him? She wants her best friend, but more than this, she wants to keep the only man she’s ever loved.

If anyone’s wanted to know how it feels to live two lives and stretch yourself thin between two very distinct personas, look not further. Pick a copy of MODEL BEHAVIOR and you’ll find the answer. Ms. Mason does a wonderful job of bringing Molly and Mary into the story, and she also achieves a nice feat when she pitches the two against one another. Mary gets Scott’s body, and Molly gets Scott’s friendship. The heroine, Molly posing as Mary, wants it all. How will she have it, especially when her life is rife with secrets and deceit?

You cannot help but feel sympathy for the ‘poor’ Scott. Played by these two ‘women’, he comes across as an unsuspecting victim. A likeable man, Scott is bound to pull some strings in readers’ hearts.

It’s always nice to watch secrets suddenly burst out in the open. The drama is one rush everyone likes to enjoy. You’ll find it in this story.

A very enjoyable read. The characters are bound to make you root for them, and the secrets waiting to burst out will keep you turning the pages.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Zee

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