Model Soldier (Red, Hot and Blue, Book 8)

Author: Cat Johnson

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Release Date: December 18, 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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Army Staff Sergeant David "Hawk" Hawkins is thrilled that his unit beat the supposedly elite Special Forces in the Mission Readiness Exercise.  It makes up for freezing their butts off in the Alps where they're preparing for their deployment to Afghanistan.  Learning that the boys of Task Force Zeta had been told to ‘go easy on them’ doesn’t sit well and he requests they run the exercise again - with no restraint.  Hawk has no clue what he’ll be up against and there’s the little matter of the side bet and undisclosed assignment that he’ll have to take if his team loses.

Emily Price is the assistant to Katie Jorgenson, who hooked up with BB Dalton of the Task Force Zeta during their last military recruitment campaign. Because of Katie’s pregnancy, Emily will be taking on her first solo assignment and she couldn’t be more excited or nervous about the whole experience.  The last thing she expects is to be handed the US Army Marketing Campaign or her sudden visions of finding her ‘fairytale love’ in fatigues.


Hawk realizes his blunder as soon as the Task Force Zeta begins cluing him in on all the little toys their unit uses in the line of duty.  The whole exercise is practically over before it’s even begun and Hawk is in the horrifying position of keeping his word and taking the mystery assignment but learning that he’s to be the poster boy for the Army is simply too embarrassing for words. 


Emily reasons that BB, former underwear model turned Special Operative, would pick out exactly the sort of man they’d need to represent the Army.  She never anticipated that the ruggedly handsome warrior would turn out to be an unyielding Neanderthal.  Hawk may not be everything she hoped for but there’s still a sexual tension that neither of them can deny.  He won’t promise anything beyond one night because there’s no guarantee he’ll return from his next mission. Emily returns to New York never expecting to see Hawk again but fate has other plans . . .


If you’ve missed the Task Force Zeta men like I have then you’d be thrilled that they’re back and as sexy and gung-ho as ever.  I had to laugh at Hawk’s reaction to being ‘tricked’ into taking an assignment that would effectively make him a poster boy and loved the dialogue between Emily and him - especially when they make snide petty comments in an attempt to cover their attraction to each other.  MODEL SOLDIER gives readers an action packed look at what life is like behind the scenes for soldiers and Cat Johnson even throws in some really kick-butt scenes that will have your heart pounding.  Hawk may not officially be a Task Force Zeta but he fits right in with the elite specimens of manhood.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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