Mollie's McGuire: Coppers Stars Of Cochise: Book 2
By Dina Smith
Apr 1, 2005 - 9:21:00 PM

Mollie Rodriguez had heard that the new Chief Criminal Deputy had arrived but she figured she might as well just keep on working. She would meet him soon enough anyways, too soon if he was anything like the last one. Molly probably would have quit her job a long time ago, if not for the fact that she had four kids at home that were counting on her to take care of them. Things have gotten better since Pete Lawson, the old Chief Criminal Deputy, was no longer around and Molly really liked her job now. The only thing Molly could do was cross her fingers and hope that Wade Hamilton McGuire was nothing like his predecessor.

Fifteen months ago, Wade would never have imagined that his life would take such a dramatic turn. He was the Chief of Police for a West Texas town, happily married to his high school sweetheart, and the proud father of two great kids, then in a flash his whole life changed. Wade was shot during a routine traffic stop that almost cost him his life. While Wade was recovering, his wife was falling in love with Wade's doctor and his job was given to someone else. Needing some space, Wade decided that the job in Bisbee, Arizona sounded perfect.


From the moment Wade and Molly met there was an instant attraction between them. Molly would admit that Wade was an attractive man, but the last thing she needed was a man in her life and getting involved with your boss is never a good idea, so she made a vow to keep her distance from him. The only problem was how was she going to keep her distance when he was renting the room above her garage. Molly soon learns the advantage of having Wade around when her two children are kidnapped.


Wade has been working on the cattle rustling going on in the area but with no suspects and few clues he didn't have much to go on. With Molly's children kidnapped time is running out. Can Wade break the cattle rustling ring and rescue Molly's children before it is to late?


MOLLIE'S MCGUIRE is the second book in the Copper Stars of Cochise trilogy, following the first book PENNY'S LUCK. I remember Mollie from the first story and was thrilled to see her find someone to love, and Wade was the perfect person for her. You do not have to read PENNY'S LUCK to enjoy MOLLIE'S MCGUIRE it will definitely stand alone. Gwynn Morgan is such a talented author and her love for writing shows in all her stories. I will be waiting on pins and needles to read the third book in this wonderful series.

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