Life, Faith and Getting it Right, Book 5 - Mom Over Miami
By Sherri Myers
Jun 1, 2005 - 4:51:00 PM

Hannah Bartlett is overworked, underpaid, and totally stressed-out. With a nine-year-old foster son and a new baby, life would have been busy enough, but add to it all the various and sundry activities a mother is expected to accomplish and you have complete and utter chaos. Not being able to deal with one thing before something else comes up, some days poor Hannah doesn't know if she's coming or going. Ringing phones, dinging doorbells, crying babies with wet diapers, deliverymen, and the whole boys' soccer team combine to add to the confusion of a normal day at 'Nacho Mama's' house.

Being able to stay at home and work on her writing career was Hannah's dream, and she finally was able to attain the stay at home part. Now if she could only find the spare time, she'd be all set. But between being volunteered to redecorate and head the church nursery to providing snacks for the soccer team to cleaning her husband's doctor's office for free, there isn't much time for Hannah to even breathe, let alone write. Will she ever find the time to work quietly without interruptions? Will her husband finally see the light and pitch in to help instead of asking for more from her than she can possibly give?


Annie Jones is a true champion of stressed-out moms everywhere, and her understanding of what being a mother entails can only have come from someone who has lived it herself. Every mother who has ever felt like packing her bags and running far away from home has to read this book! MOM OVER MIAMI is realistically funny, but also hits close to home with its nagging self-doubt that is experienced by Hannah as she attempts to be everything to everybody, putting her own needs in a distant last place category. As a mother in much the same situation, I felt as if Ms. Jones had been spying on me to get material for MOM OVER MIAMI. Could it be I'm not the only mother out there feeling like running away from home? Annie Jones is quickly becoming one of my very favorite authors, and I cannot wait until her next book comes out.

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