Mommies Behaving Badly
By Leigh
Aug 5, 2007 - 12:50:32 PM

Ruby is the original can-do girl. She’s a great mom, loving wife, and a successful author of category romances. She seems to have every minute of her day filled, but somehow manages everything. Her decision to write a longer chick-lit romance prompts some big changes in her career at a time when her husband Jack’s job has him spending weeks at a time in Dallas rather than home in NYC. This leaves Ruby to solely take care of their three kids and make holiday preparations while under crucial deadlines from her agent.  

Ruby’s can-do attitude is stretching thin, and Jack’s jokes about moving make her think that part of the problem is city life. Then Jack is offered a promotion – in the Portland, Oregon office. When Ruby’s car is stolen right off their street – for the third time – they decide they’ve had it and make the move across the country.


The move isn’t quite the fresh start Ruby had hoped for. She and the children are thrilled with their new home and friends, and her new novel is a huge success. But Ruby must also deal with a devastating revelation that could destroy her family, and this time her can-do attitude might not be enough.


Smart, witty and filled with true to life mommy moments, MOMMIES BEHAVING BADLY will have you laughing out loud. Ruby is a ‘nice girl’ who’s more than willing to please, but has a strong backbone and doesn’t take things lying down. Her inner dialogue about the ‘real’ woman behind the glamorous author image adds humor and keeps the turmoil in check. This is a good story to while away a few hours at the beach with.

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