Money Man, Mystical Signs Series
By Claudia McRay
Feb 1, 2006 - 1:16:00 PM

Sadie’s goal in life was to become a veterinarian.  She’d worked to put herself through school to attain that dream.  When Dr. Kirkpatrick retired, she’d hoped to be able to purchase his clinic.  Unfortunately, the bank would not lend her the money.

The man for whom she now worked was born with the proverbial silver spoon.  There were no obstructions when Devon Markier III made half of his dream come true by buying the clinic.  His other goal in life evades him at every turn.


Sadie resents the man and his money because it was so easy for him to do what he wanted.  But did he love working with the animals as much as she?


Covered in blood and manure, Sadie lets herself into the clinic.  She hopes to wash away the night’s work and discuss with Devon what had happened.  She sees a light around the door to the bathroom that’s open.  The bane of her existence stands before the bathroom mirror.  Water drips from his hair and she’s caught between her not-yet-admitted feelings for him and her jealousy that he could so easily get what she’d worked so hard to attain.  Devon invites her to dinner and she wants to turn him down because she’s doesn’t think she should go with her boss. 


The sparing between these two is comical at times and quite sad at others.  He so desperately wants her and she keeps pushing him away.


As they’re thrown together more and more, the barriers began to crumble but don’t completely fade away.  Is the MONEY MAN what she really wants?  He’s got a lot of patience and will do everything he can to convince her.  Will it work?  Can these two live in harmony in private as well as in public.  Devon will do whatever it takes.


I admired Devon’s tenacity in going for what and whom he wanted.  I felt for both when he took her home with him.  She was totally out of her element and Devon finally realized the difference between them. 


This is a wonderfully told story about two people from different worlds who want the same thing.  Co-existence is very important in their work.  Read the book and watch them work their way through the obstacles that bar their every turn.  You’ll be glad you did.


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