Monkey Business
By Pamela Denise
Dec 16, 2010 - 11:08:48 AM

Aspiring writer Tina has just been dumped by her fiancé, ending their five year relationship. The highlight of the fiasco is when her apparent replacement shows up at her door, demanding the engagement ring be handed over, and a verbal battle ensues. Disgusted with her cheating ex and his new girlfriend, Tina is relieved to see the handyman pull up in hopes that his arrival will prompt the hussy’s departure. As she gathers herself to address him, she is thrown off by the handsome newcomer who is not the regular repair guy.

Payton comes from a very close knit family - a family who happens to be very intuitive, especially in matters of the heart. All of his siblings have been routing for him to find his significant other. When his brother Fred calls with the news that he’s met “the one” for Payton during his handyman house calls, Payton has to see her for himself. He fills in for Fred and is thrown for a loop by the gorgeous redhead that greets him.

As Payton gets to work on Tina’s pipes, their instant attraction takes on a mind of its own which leads to one amazingly hot encounter. What should be one of the roughest times in her life has been made into one of the most memorable, thanks to Payton. When he asks her to consider him seriously, she decides to take a chance. However, Tina isn’t so sure she’s up to it after drama continues and she learns about his family’s gifts.

Get ready for a barrel of laughs and some steamy encounters with MONKEY BUSINESS. Brit Blaise grabs attention with her humorous antics and makes the unbelievable seem not so far fetched after all. The characters were sensational. Throw in a doctor subbing as a repair man, a would-be writer with relationship woes, a tea-leaf reading mama, some well-meaning siblings, and a pet monkey and you have an all star cast. I hope that Ms. Blaise decides to write something for the siblings as it would be fun to see how their stories unfolded as well. If you like things that are a bit out of the ordinary, this is for you.

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