Montana Actually (Medicine River #1)
By Jo
Jan 7, 2015 - 9:00:58 PM

MONTANA ACTUALLY takes place in the small town of Bear Paw, Montana.  The welcome mat is out for newcomer, Doctor Josh Stanton, as well as Katrina McCade who returned home after an eight year absence but they recently lived in Chicago and Philadelphia, respectively, and aren't as used to small town life.  Their chemistry though was explosive from the first time they met!

Lowe's MONTANA ACTUALLY had complex characters not only in Josh and Katrina who each had experienced heartbreak with those not worthy of their love but also Shannon and her son, Hunter, and Katrina's sibling/cousin, Beau. I was immediately drawn into the town and the story.  It's interesting to find out how they each came to Bear Paw but also follow their interactions.  My emotions were engaged from the first and there was heartache, tears, sorrow, laughter, doubt, emotional baggage brought along by many, loss, romance and love.  There were ranches, neighborliness, horses and animals along with what needed to be done as a part of ranch life.  There was also the Bear Paw clinic and ER that Josh was responsible for along with the cottage he lived in and businesses in the small town.  There were family and friends along with townspeople some who were easier to get to know than others.  There were a lot of twists and turns to the story and a lot of details and information given along the way.  There were unexpected happily ever afters and I liked how they were brought about and also tied up some of the loose ends. There was nice closure and I for one am glad the series will continue.

Lowe is a new to me author and I look forward to reading book 2 in the MEDICINE RIVER SERIES, TRULY MADLY MONTANA, which is Millie's story.  There was a sneak preview in the back of the book that only whet my appetite for more! I also look forward to reading other books by this author that I've missed along the way.

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