Montana Bride

Author: Barbara Clark

Publisher: wings e press

Release Date: 2003

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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Megan O’Conner will do whatever she has too, to honor her brother’s last request, that she raise his 2 children. Megan’s father has controlled Megan all her life, even trying to pick out the perfect husband for her. Megan was not going to let him do that to her niece and nephew. So Megan buys The Silvertip Ranch in Montana and takes the children away from her father’s domineering ways. Then Megan finds out, that her father has cut off her money and is suing for custody of the children.

Travis Knight needed a job to help pay his aunt Lucy’s taxes so when he heard about the foremans job at The Silvertip Ranch he didn’t hesitate to apply. Travis didn’t have any room in his life for rich, spoiled women no matter how nice they seemed or two adorable children that made his heart melt every time they looked at him. When Travis finds out that Megan might lose custody of her niece and nephew; he knew he had to try to help them, so Travis came up with a plan…

When Travis proposed to Megan she was shocked. But she knew that it would be the only way for her to keep the children, and right now that was the most important thing to consider. Megan agrees to a marriage in name only, and with the agreement that when it is over, they will go there separate ways. But when everything is settled; will they honor the agreement or open their hearts at a chance for love?

Barbara Clark has done it again. She has created wonderful characters in a story, that is unforgettable. I couldn’t help but fall in love with Ryan and Katie. I was rooting for Megan through the whole book. Travis Knight was a secondary character in RAINBOW VALLEY and he definitely holds his own in MONTANA BRIDE. This book is definitely a keeper.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dina Smith

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