Montana Bride

Author: Barbara Clark

Publisher: Amber Quill Press

Release Date: Available Now

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Megan O’Connor loves being the guardian to her niece, Katie and nephew, Ryan. The children lost their parents a few months ago to an untimely accident. Tired of traveling from place to place, Megan invests everything she has in purchasing the Silvertip Ranch. She and the children have fallen in love with their new home in the short time they have been here.

Trying to find a foreman to run her ranch is wearing on Megan’s every nerve. She can’t seem to find a man that is willing to work for a woman. Her luck takes a turn for the better as she sees a tall-rugged looking cowboy riding in. She is impressed at how quickly Travis Knight takes control of her unruly ranch hands. Megan wastes no time as she hires him immediately. Travis believes all women of wealth are shallow and uncaring. Working closely with Megan, he discovers that she is not like other women. He admires her drive and hard work in making her ranch prosper. Travis can’t help but offer his help, when he realizes that Megan could lose the children. Her father will stop at nothing in gaining control of them.

Never in a million years did Megan ever think she would be accepting a marriage proposal from Travis. Realizing that this is the best way to secure custody of the children, she accepts. Megan agrees that she will be his wife in everyway but making love. Why did Travis accept that stupid promise of no sex? How is he ever going to get through the wedding night sharing the same bed with Megan? There isn’t enough cold water in the state of Montana to soothe the heat taking over his body. Will Travis and Megan give into the lust that seems to be taking over their lives? If so, will they be able to let go when custody of the children is secure?

You are in for a real treat as you read how sexy cowboy Travis lassos himself a MONTANA BRIDE with a ready made family. Watching little Ryan explore life on the ranch is at times funny but also a little scary. The chemistry between Travis and Megan are stifling. This is the first story I have read from author Barbara Clark. But, after reading such an awesome story, I can’t wait to read her next one.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Briana Burress

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