Montana Creeds: Dylan

Author: Linda Lael Miller

Publisher: Harlequin

Release Date: March 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Dylan Creed has been called many things in his life, champion bull rider, poker bum, even a stunt man but a role model father he is not. There is no love loss between Dylan and his daughter Bonnie’s mother Sharlene. Sharlene is always on the move, dragging their daughter with her and as long as Dylan sends her the child support check she seems fine with their arrangement. When Sharlene abandon’s Bonnie in the cab of Dylan’s pick-up truck without a word Dylan knows it is time for him to step up and be the daddy Bonnie needs. Swallowing his pride Dylan heads back home to Stillwater Springs, Montana, the one place he knows he can get the help and support he needs and just maybe if he plays his cards right a new mommy for Bonnie.

Kristy Madison has lived in Stillwater Springs her entire life; she was a high school cheerleader, Prom Queen, Miss Rodeo Montana and girlfriend of Dylan Creed. Then in the blink of an eye everything changed, her parents both died within a year’s time, she lost the family ranch, her horse Sugarfoot died and Dylan left her without a backward glance. Now Dylan was back looking better than ever with his precious little girl that was quickly stealing Kristy’s heart just like her father.

As if the fact that Dylan is back in town is not enough to stir up Kristy’s life the sheriff comes to her with more upsetting news. When someone breaks into her house and she starts getting creepy e-mails Kristy turns to Dylan for comfort. Dylan wants to offer Kristy more than comfort; he wants a wife and mommy for Bonnie. Can Kristy really risk losing her heart to this cowboy again, only to watch him walk away once again?

MONTANA CREEDS: DYLAN is the second book in this addicting new series by Linda Lael Miller. From the very first page I was completely captivated by Dylan’s story. His daughter Bonnie stole my heart and had me laughing out loud with her two year old antics. Watching Kristy and Dylan get beyond their past and develop a mature relationship was a true joy. Revisiting other characters from the previous book and meeting new ones, plus the mystery that is going on in Stillwater Springs kept the story moving at a brisk pace.  I can’t wait for the next and final book in this wonderful series MONTANA CREEDS: TYLER.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dina Smith

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