Montana Creeds: Logan
By Dina Smith
Feb 1, 2009 - 10:11:38 AM

Logan Creed has not been back to Stillwater Springs, Montana since his father’s funeral but guilt and the need to settle down was drawing him back to the Triple M. The Creed name was legendary in Stillwater Springs for raising hell, causing heart-ache and tragedy but Logan is determined to change all that. 

Briana Grant has lived in Stillwater Springs for the past two years, ever since her now ex-husband dumped her, their two boys and the family dog off at Wal-Mart and left them there. Supporting herself and two growing boys is a constant struggle but with her job at the Casino and a place to live, thanks to Dylan Creed, she has managed to make it so far.


Briana has heard the stories about the Creed brothers but nothing she heard prepared her for the reality of Logan Creed. From the moment Briana laid eyes on Logan she could not deny the instant attraction but another cowboy in her life was the last thing she needed. Logan has the same reaction towards Briana and when someone trashes her home Logan’s protective instincts kick in and he is determined to show Briana and the rest of Stillwater Springs that nobody messes with his family.


MONTANA CREED: LOGAN by Linda Lael Miller is the first book in a three book series that is a spin off from the MCKETTRICK SERIES. I am always a sucker for a good cowboy and Mrs. Miller really knows how to deliver them. What an awesome series this is, the romance is great but the story is what really melts your heart. The tragedy surrounding the Creed family is heart-breaking but Logan’s determination to turn that around had me cheering out loud. Alec and Josh stole my heart with their sweet innocence. I can’t wait to see what happens when Dylan comes back in the next book to the series MONTANA CREEDS: DYLAN.

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