Montana Creeds: Tyler
By Dina Smith
Apr 18, 2009 - 4:47:22 PM

Tyler Creed and Lily Kenyon had a brief relationship as teenagers. Lily loved Tyler with all her heart until she found out that after he kissed her goodnight he was sleeping with a waitress twice his age. Lily left Stillwater Springs with a broken heart and tried to forget how good it felt when he held her in his arms. Eventually Lily married an airline pilot and had a beautiful baby girl named Tess and for a while she was actually happy again. Then her husband died in an airplane crash and she was left to raise Tess alone. When Lily’s father Hal has a heart attack Lily is forced to return to Stillwater Springs to care for him. Lily hoped with a little luck, Tyler would be nowhere near Stillwater Springs; unfortunately luck is not on her side because Tyler is the first person she sees while driving to town.

Tyler Creed is going home. Tyler knows it is time to make peace with himself and start putting the past behind him and the only way to do that is to go back to Stillwater Springs. With a chip on his shoulder a mile wide it won’t be easy for Tyler’s brother’s to convince him to forgive and forget the past but them Creed boy’s are stubborn and determined to show Tyler that family sticks together. Tyler has plans of his own and they include Lily Ryder in his bed, if he can only convince her to give him another chance.


Where Tyler is concerned Lily has absolutely no self control, she turns to butter every time he looks at her. When Tyler turns on the charm and plans his seduction Lily knows she can’t resist. That doesn’t mean she is going to lose her heart this time though, because she won’t be staying in Montana long enough for Tyler to steal it. Tyler is getting more than he bargained for in returning home when his past mistake could destroy any future he hopes to have with Lily.


MONTANA CREEDS: TYLER by Linda Lael Miller is the last book in this captivating series. From the very first story I was completely hooked and I am a little sad to see it end. Out of all the Creed brothers Tyler was always the most mysterious and the one that was most affected by his troubled past so I was really excited to read his story. I could not have been more pleased by the way it all turned out not only for Tyler but Lily as well. Linda Lael Miller has always been one of my favorite authors, she really knows how to draw her readers into her stories and she proves her talents once again in a series not to be missed.

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