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By Dottie
Dec 14, 2009 - 8:50:43 PM

SNOWBOUND COWBOY by Patricia Thayer

Amelia Hughes’ sister Kelly had taken their Grandma Ruby to the hospital in Helena for surgery.  Amelia and her five-year-old son Jesse Thomas Hughes, who is everything to her, had gone to town for supplies, hoping to beat the snowstorm home.  Normally, they would be prepared, but the December storm caught them off guard.  Kelly normally runs the cattle operation while Amelia handles the household.  Kelly didn’t trusted her enough to take care of things while she was in Helena so she hired a ranch hand to help out.  Jesse’s dad had never been involved in his life.  When Jesse started school this year, he found that all the other kids had dads so now for Christmas his wish is for a dad.


Boone Gifford was a Texas boy and had never liked the cold weather like here in Montana, but he had promised to go to the Rocking H ranch.  His last job had been on an offshore oilrig.  He still has a sore shoulder, which reminds him of the accident that nearly took his life.  Though he survived, many men died that day.  Once he sees Amelia Hughes, he can leave with a clear conscience with the money from the accident and finally buy the ranch he wants in Texas. 


As his new four-wheel drive vehicle creeps along in the icy snow, he sees flashing lights.  Amazingly, the woman and boy stuck in the snow were just who he is looking for.  However, she mistakes him for the newly hired ranch hand and Boone does not correct that impression, figuring he will help her until the real ranch hand shows up.  However, the snow continues to fall.  They are snowed in, unable to go anywhere, passing time doing chores together, playing cards with Jesse and keeping him occupied.  Boone dreads the moment when he will have to answer Jesse’s question; Are you my Christmas wish.  He will have to let Jesse know that his real dad died in the accident.  Russ left Amelia when he discovered she was pregnant and he only discovered that he had a son six months prior to the accident.  Russ had been eager to make some money so he could help support his son, but he died in the process of saving Boone’s life.


SNOWBOUND COWBOY is a heart-tugging romance.  Watching this little boy looking for a daddy in every man he sees, but then getting very close to Boone and deciding to make him his dad, will pull at your emotions.  Amelia starts having feelings for Boone, as they are snowed in together, but she doesn’t want to encourage Jesse, trying to prevent the heartbreak that will happen when Boone leaves.  However, she can’t stop the heartbreak that she will feel once he leaves.  Author Patricia Thayer brings the story to life, including the characters with all their strengths and vulnerabilities.  She reaches for your heart and touches it.  Do not miss SNOWBOUND COWBOY. 




Kelly Hughes promised her sister Amelia that she would have Christmas dinner under control, but the holidays had crept up on her.  Problem is, Kelly can’t cook.  She hasn’t even done her shopping yet.  While she is in Helena so her grandmother can have her surgery, she sneaks out for a break.  Seeing a gift in a store window that Amelia would like, she went in to buy it before returning to the hospital.  The shop is the latest Mack Dennison store in his Mack’s Kitchen franchise.  Kelly and Mack had been in the same class in high school.  Lately, she has had longings for more in her personal life other than just running a cattle ranch.  She just didn’t know how to begin.


As Mack strikes up a conversation with Kelly, he discovers that she can’t cook and he lets her know that he offers classes.  Going to classes is not convenient for Kelly and she needs to know how to cook by Christmas, which is only days away.  Offering her a sample to eat, she couldn’t resist taking the recipe, which he claims is easy, to try.  However, when he appears at her motel room that night by surprise, there is smoke from her attempt at making asparagus puffs.  He is staying next door until the house, which he is having built, is finished.  Finally, she admits she needs him to show her how to make the asparagus puffs. Christmas is only in a matter of days.  At last, someone needs him and that is rare. His own mother took off right after he finished high school, leaving him behind.  Since then, he has been on his own, all alone.  His mother was an alcoholic and he learned at an early age to take care of himself.  In school, he took home economics as a matter of survival.  Do these two vulnerable people stand a chance at a happy future together?


A BRIDE FOR ROCKING H RANCH is an emotion-packed contemporary romance.  Kelly has secrets in her past, which even her family does not know about and these secrets leave her vulnerable.  Mack is also vulnerable, always wanting a family life like other people, being loved and needed for himself.  Both people want more than they have.  Author Donna Alward brings her characters to life in this engaging story. 


MONTANA, MISTLETOE, MARRIAGE includes two romantic stories that deal with the holidays, especially the loneliness, having people you love to spend them with and having wishes and prayers answered.  It shows that the holidays are about much more than presents.  Both of these talented authors bring the stories to life with their well-drawn characters, descriptive landscapes, poignant plots and ability to tell a story with feeling.  The secondary characters add appeal to the stories.  These are beautiful holiday stories.  Do not miss MONTANA, MISTLETOE, MARRIAGE.

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