Montana Skies

Author: Kay Stockham

Publisher: Harlequin

Release Date: January 9, 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Rissa Mathews is a pilot trying to reach her rebellious teenage daughter after the death of her husband.  When she loses her job, she packs up Skylar, her fourteen-year-old, and moves to Montana to stay with friends who have agreed to help her.  Her heart is broken that her daughter will not confide in her what happened the day of the car crash and Rissa does not know how to reach her.  While driving to Skylar’s school, yet again, she gets pulled over by the sexiest man she has ever laid eyes on.  She is thrilled and scared by the burning passion that sizzles between them.  But Rissa knows she can not get involved with him because she is not staying in Montana for long.  Will Rissa find the passion and love she was denied by her ex-husband?  Or will her daughter’s hatred of everything cause her to suffer another broken-heart?

Jonas Taggert is the sexy sheriff of North Star, Montana.  He loves his job and finds it to be much easier than trying to raise a teenage daughter who has very little self-esteem.  He knows he does not have to worry about his little girl because she is smart and never gets in trouble.  Until she starts hanging around Skylar, a girl the sheriff does not like or trust.   But Jonas finds himself being pulled towards Rissa and has trouble denying the passion she elicits from him.  Jonas knows he can not let his heart get tangled with Rissa because he does not want his daughter suffering another broken-heart as the woman he loves walks away.   Has Jonas finally found the one woman who could make him whole again?  Or is their love headed for disaster because of his distrust of her daughter?


Within the pages of MONTANA SKIES you will encounter heart-break, a powerful love and a sizzling passion that will leave you breathless.  Ms. Stockham pens a beautiful tale of how the power of love can mend even the most broken of hearts.  I laughed at the bantering and cried at the suffering the characters endured.  But most of all my heart soared with love from the fiery passion Rissa, Jonas and two girls found in each other.   The characters are captivating, the plot will grip you and the sensuality will leave you panting. 


I adored Rissa for her passion in not giving up on her daughter, even though everyone else gave her up as a lost cause.  Rissa is compassionate and witty.  Jonas is sexy and stubborn.  I loved his strong sense of wanting to keep his daughter safe and yet he is vulnerable and worried that he is not raising her to be a strong woman.  The secondary characters are just as vibrant and fun to read as the main characters.  MONTANA SKIES is another award-winning book by the talented Kay Stockham.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Billie Jo

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