Monte Carlo Masquerade
By Connie Spears
Jul 1, 2006 - 7:30:00 AM

Karen Jameson pedaled her bicycle through the streets of Monte Carlo.  Just as she was approaching the end of the street, she turned her attention to the harbor to look at the spectacular view.  Someone started yelling at her to stop but there wasn't enough time.  Karen flipped over the top of her bicycle and into the arms of a tall handsome man.  The man untangled himself from Karen and helped her to stand but not without making a comment about her driving skills and she apologized for her recklessness.

Karen has never seen such a handsome man in her life!  The gentleman looked the bike over and thought it would be alright for her to continue sightseeing.  A low slung sports car pulled up with a stunning woman behind the wheel and called to the man standing next to Karen. He left Karen's side and she continued on her way through the streets. After her sightseeing adventure for the day, she heads back to the her room.

She was so excited to get back to her roommate so she could share the events of the accident with a handsome man, and come to find out, that handsome man was Gregory Sorrell.  Legendary Grand Prix driver, Gregory Sorrell!

Thus, the race begins...

MONTE CARLO MASQUERADE by Jane Toombs has all the markings of racing hearts, stops and starts of adventures between two people, Gregory and Karen.  Ms. Toombs takes you away to one of the most exotic places in the world for her character Karen, and a chance of a lifetime. This is one race I am keeping for my shelf!

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