Moon Shell Beach
By Rhea Palmer
Mar 10, 2010 - 7:21:27 PM

Clare and Lexi grew up in Nantucket where their world was a protected worlda world of shared dreams, shared imagination and shared secret places. They were inseparable. The future was a dim shadow, a place to be briefly discussed, but never focused on. Guys were hiding in the shadows somewhere, but they weren’t important enough to intrude on Clare and Lexi’s private and safe world. Then one fateful day, as teenaged Clare was riding home on the ferry, she speaks to Jesse Gray, the playboy of the senior class. That day sets off a chain of events, which would eventually tear the girls’ worlds apart in a chaotic, heart-wrenching way. Many years pass before the girls see each other again, but has too much time gone by to mend the beautiful friendship they once shared?

Nancy Thayer touches every woman’s heart with this story, as she takes us on a journey of the changes in a young girl’s life. You can see the almost painful passage from girlhood to womanhood and the decisions made by these characters are decisions that could so easily have been made by any one of us. Thayer has done an excellent job in giving everyone a glimpse into this precious rite of passage.

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