Moonlight Kiss - Cricket Creek series, book 5

Author: LuAnne McLane

Publisher: Signet Eclipse

Release Date: Nov.5,2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5 + RR

Format: PRINT

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Addison Monroe has just broken up with her second fiancé in five years. Since both men are famous, her life is fodder for the paparazzi in LA where Addison and her parents live. Addison’s mom is a famous author so she is used to being in the paparazzi’s lens.

Reid Greenfield is an investment consultant who has come home to help around the family farm after his father has fallen ill. He is totally against what his twin sister Sara is doing with an old barn on their property.


Addison’s father suggests she go to visit his brother and his family while the rumors are flying around. At first, she doesn’t want to run and then she decides she could use a change of scenery and goes to Cripple Creek for awhile.


The first day there Addison is talking with her cousin Mia at the Wine and Diner. Of course, weddings come up because Mia is engaged to a local baseball star and is planning their wedding. Addison makes a remark about having enough wedding stuff to open her own shop and Mia thinks she should do it. It just so happens that Mia’s father, Mitch and Addison’s uncle, has a space open in his new Wedding Row strip mall of stores designed for planning weddings. Addison decides to open a bridal shop and is so excited at the prospect of having a quiet life and living on her own.


Reid asks Addison to try and dissuade his sister from renovating the old barn for weddings and receptions. When Addison joins Sara with the idea of having wedding and receptions at the barn with Addison as the wedding planner, Reid gets mad and blasts Addison for being a spoiled, rich woman who has her famous mother to finance all her little flings of the moment. Addison is hurt and tells him what she thinks of him.


Will Reid realize that the real Addison, and not the one of the tabloids, is worth getting to know? What surprises are in store for Addison and all of Cripple Creek?


MOONLIGHT KISS is the fifth book in the CRIPPLE CREEK series. I love this series and all of the great characters that fill them. LuAnne McLane brings the reader into her small community of Cripple Creek in her books. You want to go and live there and become a part of the community with every page you turn. LuAnne McLane is one of my favorite authors and I look forward to reading her next book in this series. Highly recommended read for all you lovers of romance.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Diana S

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