Moonlight Serenade

Author: Chevon Gael

Publisher: Amber Quill Press

Release Date: August 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Caitlyn Thomas wasn't sure how she felt about the fact that Jason Maguire didn't even recognize her. Part of her was glad since she wasn't sure she wanted him to know she was in town but another part of her was sad. At one time she loved Jason with all her heart and she thought he felt the same way about her. That was twenty years ago, when they were both young and fairly innocent before the night that would change their lives forever.

Caitlyn had grown up wealthy and spoiled with a mother who thought of her more of a show piece than a daughter. Caitlyn's mother had big plans for Caitlyn and they didn't include dating the hired help but that didn't stop Caitlyn. When Jason and Caitlyn were both seniors they would sneak around to be together. Jason always made Caitlyn feel loved and cherished when she was in his arms. Then the morning after their senior prom and the worst night of Caitlyn's life, Jason was gone.

Jason Maguire's dream was to one day go to Julliard and study music, maybe become a composer, with Caitlyn by his side. Neither dream seemed to work out for him; he did go to Julliard and study chamber music but he found out he could make more money as a radio DJ. When Caitlyn stood him up for their senior prom he knew she would never be by his side again.

For the first time in twenty years Caitlyn was back in her home town of Drummond, Maine. Caitlyn was not sure why she came back, she really had no intention of going to her high school reunion but old memories seemed to pull her here. Jason would give anything to talk to Caitlyn one more time but when he asked her old friend Leigh about her she won't tell him anything. Then Jason does a show on second chances and at the end he plays 'Caitlyn's Serenade' a song he composed himself. Caitlyn starts to wonder if the time has come to face the pain and heartache of her past; but does Caitlyn have the courage to face the man that broke her heart and left her alone when she needed him the most?

MOONLIGHT SERENADE is a wonderful, romantic story about second chances and forgiveness. From the very first page I was lost in Jason and Caitlyn's story of heartache, pain, and then finding love once again. Chevon Gael has written a story that I would definitely recommend.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dina Smith

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